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The best inflatable SUP boards in the world

Inflatable SUP: portable, light and great for waves and cruising

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are the best option for flat days. In a matter of seconds, you take the SUP out the car and hit the water for waves or cruising.

They're light, portable, durable and ready to ride. The new inflatable stand up paddle boards will provide you with hours of fun.

It's probably one of the best inventions of the surfing world. SUP boards are traditionally heavy and could only be transported in surfboard car racks.

Judy Gray

My Surf Project

My Surf Project is’s very own look at the wide variety of Canadian surfers that make up the community and industry that we all live for. Next week we sit down with Kye Peladeau. From a new beer sponsor to boat pioneering, this Tofino local legend is sure to keep you on your feet, and will bring a few laughs along the way.

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