Janek Peladeau

Janek Peladeau Q&A


Name: Janek Peladeau

Hometown: Tofino, BC

Stance: Regular

Work: Surfing


  1. Why do you surf Janek?

    1. I don’t know really. I started surfing when I was 12 years old and it just grew on me and it’s pretty much become an addiction.

  2. What makes a Canadian surfer good?

    1. You just have to surf year round and put your time in and not to be afraid to get a little cold.

  3. Having a brother that surfs, do you think you push yourself harder??

    1. For sure. I look up to Kye and I push myself harder when we’re in the water together.

  4. Who deserves the biggest thanks for helping you surf?

    1. My mom, dad and Kye. Also all my friends. You guys know who you are.

  5. What’s your favourite board and wetsuit right now?

    1. For board, I’d say my Raddysh model by Aftanas. For wetsuit, I’d have to go with my Quiksilver; if it’s cold maybe throw on a heat vest.

  6. What’s your favourite surf contest that you’ve seen in Canada?

    1. Definitely the O’Neill Coldwater Classic. Seeing Pete win it was pretty insane.

  7. What do you want to see change in the Canadian surf scene?

    1. More surf contests.

  8. Kelly Slater or Jordy Smith?

    1. Kelly for sure.

  9. John John Florence or Dane Reynolds?

    1. Dane.

  10. What’s your Surf Project for the next 12 months?

    1. Get on the boat and explore! Go on a few more trips and just surf as many good waves as I can.