Down Days – Bowling for Melbourne – EP 2

In episode 2 of Down Days, the brothers head to Melbourne, the culture capital of Australia. The first stop is a visit to the Victoria Bitters Brewery to learn how their favorite Australian beer is made. Next, the boys break down the Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District) and go exploring the maze of lanes and alleyways. During their walkabout, they discover an artist named Doyle who breaks down the vibrant Melbourne street art scene. After, they head over to Dinkum Pies to devour their famous meat pies and then close the trip with a last minute session at the beautiful Bells Bowl.

Big ups to OffTheWall.TV and VANS for hooking us up with this amazing series. For everyone seeing this series for the first time, we are stoked you are here! For those who have already seen it…SHUT UP, you are ruining it for the rest of us…just kidding. It’s even better the second time around. With that said, expect big things coming!

A Vans Off The Wall TV Production (
Directed By Zach Lyons
Produced By ChopShop Entertainment

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