Own Your Roll // Roll Your Own

“Own Your Roll, Roll Your Own” features skateboarding in beautiful abstract locations, capturing the feeling of freedom and unity that all skateboarders feel. Owning your roll, and rolling your own means it doesn’t matter what or where you’re skating, it just matters that you’re out in the world, rolling, pushing and living. See the GoldCoast Cut – vimeo.com/113886183

Written and Produced by: Nate Gunn
Directed by: Arrius Sorbonne
Cinematography: Nate Balli, Nate Sorensen, Arrius Sorbonne
Additional Cinematography: Blake Hansen, Lynden Williams
Music & Creative Direction by: Lynden Williams and Nate Gunn
Edited by: Nate Gunn
Color by: Nate Balli
Production Coordinator: Blake Hasen
Still Photography by: Aaron Brimhall
Narrative Monologue by: Alan Watts
GoldCoast: Chris Brunstetter, Brock Harris, Dustin Ortiz, Nate Coan

Special Thanks To:
Rolf Hanson for providing his epic backyard bowl
Son Lux for contributing their song ‘lost it to trying”

Jeremy Jones
Mike Muirhead
Jeffery Richards
Blake Patterson
Uriel Ruvalcaba
Ashton Jones
Sam Mizuta
Brenna Williams
Salome Brimhall
Alexa Brimhall