Q&A with Sebastian Duque

Q: Thanks for sitting down with us Seabass, describe yourself using 5 words
A: Thank you for having me; Passionate, Committed, Playful, Direct, Dedicated.

Q: Do you travel much? Where’s your go to travel spot where you know waves will always be on and the food and culture is a 10/10?
A: I try hoping on a plane, boat, car or even my bike as much as possible. I love to travel and explore. MEXICO; short flight away, consistent waves, and great food!!

Q: Can you tell us a f**** up story from their?
A: F**** up story…..mainland mex is kinda messed up sometimes, I was in Acapulco with friends from North Carolina. On the fourth day of being there we were getting ready to leave in the morning, two pick-ups trucks, with eight guys, come squealing around the corner on the other side of the street from us and jump out, run into a house, kick down the door and killed four f-ing people!!! It was crazy! These guys were dressed like ‘police’, who later turned out not to be true and the shooting was from a rival cartel trying to take over new territory. The guys in the trucks took off, Graham and I pretty much panicked, well pretty much everyone panicked and we fled up north. It was definitely an f’ed up experience and a pretty good story, 18 hours later we were on a sweet left hand point break, eating tacos with no gun fire.

Q: I know that you’ve got some other crazy stories/experiences; can you share another one with us?
A: Ya for sure, Two years ago my friend and I decided it would be a good idea to head over Bamfield area and do some exploring on the boat. after a long day of navigating, island hoping and wave hunting we decide to head back home, halfway way on the way back the boat engine starts smoking then all the sudden shut off, where in the middle of the ocean with no radio, 10% cell batteries, 3 beers and a bag of chips feeling hopeless and panic starting to kick in we called Rachel from Spy Hop Adventures and luckily she was just finishing up with a tour and was able to come and tow us home.

Q: What’s the scariest thing that’s happened to you so far in your life?
A: So I was hucking an air at the Blackcomb park and bailed pretty hard, which lead to breaking my back and been told by doctors that I wasn’t going to be able to walk again.

Q: So after traveling, why come back to Ucluelet?
A: I enjoy it here. It’s quiet, peaceful, with empty line ups, so pristine making it hard to not come back to; I am a proud “Ucluetian”.

Q: I heard your truck when for a little swim…… Can you share with us what happened?
A: Questionable numbers sent me on the solo hunt for a possible score, arrived with no issue, except no waves were to be had. I turned back, wet suit dry, which brings me to the “hole”… I will be honest, I was feeling frisky and no waves scored, this lead me to drop into the deep side of the pond aka puddle. Hit the clay bottom and got high centered. Totally sucked, put the call out to the boys and Regan came through big time and got her home and washed her, but she never ran again… I like to think that she died clean! :/

Q: Favorite spot in Canada to surf
A: Cox Bay!!!! jajaja yes I just laughed in Spanish.

Q: If you could pick 3 pro surfers to go on a surf trip with, who would they be?
A: Coco Ho, Stephanie Gilmore, and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Q: What’s your game plan if there’s a Zombie Apocalypse?
A: That would be kind of fun, I thought of giving my truck a 20`lift with bullet proof 50`tires and adding flame chambers on the frame in case anyone gets too close.

Q: Are you scared of “The Big One” (earthquake we’re talking here, not drugs or alcohol or Tinderella’s)
A: Meh not really if I was meant to go on a natural disaster I’ll take it. What’s a “Tinderella” and where do I find one??

Q: Describe your daily routine as a Canadian surfer living in a remote area of the world
A: Wake up, let the dog out, check the morning buoy report with my highly overpriced, awesome fast internet. I also like listening to “Jamie on the morning show” on Ukee Radio, while I make eggs and bacon for breakfast. Dog, coffee and then to the beach for a surf check. Basically, waves out here are generally short, so if I see a wave peel for more than 3 seconds, I will go. After 3-4 hours of surfing, it gets cold, so I can then usually be found at either of the local surf shops, exploring the local trails or Ukee Dogs (Chili fries and a Bavarian hot dog, 14 bucks and you eat like a King!).

Q: Ukee is pretty touristy, what’s the kookiest thing you’ve ever seen go down out there?
A: hahaha.. A guy wearing a backwards wetsuit dragging a soft top down the beach by the leash.

Q: Go to song right now
A: Mission Bell by Le Trouble…. They are from Montreal and my roommate is Andy form “Wicked Tunes”, he helped me get that info.

Q: Favorite food
A: The one purchased locally and cooked at home. Food always tastes better with friends and a couple ‘sodas’.

Q: Do you think that NASA ever landed on the moon?
A: F**** NO that is the biggest conspiracy ever.

Q: 2015 goals (at least 3)
A: 1. Get video footage of me surfing to progress. 2. Make it to the amateur podium at the Rip Curl Pro. 3. Go to a place I have never been to.

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