Intagram accounts that you should follow! Round 1

Are you lacking on your Instagram account? Do your photo’s suck and you always wonder why you can’t reach the amount of likes you think you can reach? Here are some accounts that may spark your inner Instagram spirit and get you on the right track on becoming an Instagram superstar.

Postmark Brewing Co. (@postmarkbrewing)instagram


Erik Gelling (@elgelling) instagram


Noah Cohen (@cohenscorner) instagram


MyPakage (@mypakage) instagram


Myrosha Daly (@myrosha) instagram


Graeme O (@graeme_o) instagram


Caley Vanular (@caleyvanular) instagram


Noah Wegrich (@noahwaggy) instagram


Alex Beebe (@alex.beebe) instagram


Jeremy Koreski (@jeremykoreski) instagram


SurfCam Canada (@surfcamcanada) instagram


Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) instagram


Adam Chilton (@achilts) instagram