Teach Me How to Doogie

We sat down with one of the biggest legends on the west coast of Canada: Doogie. For those that don’t know him, the west coast of Canada flows through Doogies blood. He also owns a surf lifestyle brand called Adanac Surfers Union which portrays how life should be lived everyday of your life!

Q: For those that don’t know you Doogie, where are you from and what do you do?
A: I was born on Vancouver Island. Raised on the coast. What do I do? I shuck and jive.

Q: You’ve been around these parts for years now, what’s the biggest change you’ve seen happen to the Tofino/Ucluelet area?
A: I have been here all my years. Even when I am away my right hand stays on the Island. The biggest change? I assume you’re asking about the surf scene. It was wild to surf or be a surfer 20+years ago. Now its just wild in neon with a dash of bad facial hair and small shoe wearing posers.

Q: Best Canadian localism story.
A: Well shit. That’s a hard question. I get vibed by hip kids that spent the winters on the coast from time to time. Localism is good. Cpt. Rycam and #Vince know how to own it. They just see the waves they like and take them. There is a pecking order. If you don’t know who’s at the top as soon as paddle out then you’re at the bottom.

Q: What was it like surfing these waters with nobody around?
A: Intimidating. Even today surfing Pumping Wick solo is intimidating. It still happens. I like it.

Q: What are your thoughts on competitive surfing vs free surfing?
A: I love them both. I’m a surf jock. Competitive surfing and competition is in my DNA. I froth on the WSL. free surfing ain’t free. It’s its own contest. Raph Bruhwiler is nailing that!

Q: What are your thoughts on contest surfing in Canada?
A: It’s sick. It had a good slump for the last couple years. I bailed on the last two. But, now we got this new winter contest. It’s getting done right. Home grown. The format is great! It’s the best thing since the Beaver Fish by Volcom or the old Ripcurl Stew.

Q: 10 things you love about Canadian surfing?
A: Ten things? Nah it’s just two things. 1. Being home. 2. All my friends: new ones and old ones.

Q: 10 things you hate about Canadian surfing?
A: Canadians claiming it (surfing) because it’s hard and cold.

Q: In your opinion, because this area’s fairly new to the mainstream surf media, do you think surfers around here have too big of egos?
A: Great questions. Not the pros or the groms that grew up in the area. A few Canadians who took the boat over have adjusted as well. We definitely have some geese floating around that’s for sure. Definitely a good percentage of people think they are blowing up; but really they are just blowing it.

Q: What would be some words of advice to some Canadian surfers seeking sponsorship attention and international recognition?
A: I like this one. Sponsorship is a job. It’s not just surfing. It’s full on. Social media and networking and then surfing. It’s a job representing a brand image.

Q: Where do you see this industry in 10 years?
A: It’s hard to say. It could burn up. I’m hustling, so I hope not. Surfing is the source dude.

Q: If you were to head out on a surf trip right now, what buddies would you bring and where would you go?
A: Well shit. I got a lot of friends I like to surf with. Noah and Rick (Street Dog) Wunderliche are the two I surf with the most. Whoever has the time after that. It’s a long list and they know who they are. Indo.

Q: You now reside in Indo for a big chunk of the year, Why Indo?
A: Many reasons. My forever girl is from Java. It’s hot. Tubes on tap! I love Indo nearly as much as Canada.

Q: How’s the level of surfing over there compared to here in Canada?
A: The Indo kids are insane! Some Of the Aussies who come over on the reg absolutely destroy it too! It’s pretty nuts how many great surfers roam the globe; so the level is high. There is no comparison when it comes to civilian surfers. On the Pro level, Pete and Sepp could do some damage. I know Noah charges big gnarly tubes and has a decent club sandwich. Our boys rip. The Indo boys froth on them!

Q: What’s your best Indo story?
A: I took Isaac for an insane trip on his first trip. Pulled him of the jet and threw him on a bike and took him for an adventure he and I will talk about for the rest of our lives. You should ask him. It’s his story for sure. I was just the guide.

Q: Best Canadian travel story
A: So many brah. My travel story ain’t over. It’s just going and going.

Q: Worst fear
A: I have a fear of losing my fear.

Q: What’s the Rat Pack?
A: I think u mean The Atkey Farm. Yeah that’s the old Tofino crew. Our family: Ollie Atkey, Monte, Ricky, Shannon, Peter Devries, Reid Jackson, Kye Borg, Noah Cohen, Suzy weed and many others. The Atkey home was our hub for over a decade. So many awesome legendary moments, cemented in our mind grapes for the rest of our lives.

Q: What’s next for you Doogie?
A: Building a house and surf shop in Indo.

Q: Any last words?
A: Sea yew at D-lot….

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