2016 Miss Reef Calendar Set for Release

Reef, the global surf lifestyle leader, has fused fashion and lifestyle through a “Just Passing Through” lens to create the 2016 Miss Reef Calendar. Miss Reef’s Latin American heritage and embodiment of Just Passing Through has been captured in Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and this year, the jungles of Costa Allegre, Mexico. The 2016 Miss Reef calendar was inspired by the brand’s iconic Miss Reef heritage
combined with 60’s and 70’s fashion photography and youth culture. Photographer Kate Bellm took an edgy perspective with a feminine touch, while retaining the mystery of Miss Reef. Shot in the cerulean lagoons and tropical woodlands of the Pacific Mexican coast, the 2016 calendar delivers Bellm’s bold and adventurous interpretation of Just Passing Through, driven by youth culture and the brand’s spirit of surf travel. The 2015 Miss Reef calendar will be released on November 2, 2015, available at select retailers and Reef.com<http://Reef.com>. The video will release on November 2, 2015 on Reef.com<http://Reef.com>