Noah Love’s This Song

“Noah and I started filming together while I was working at a deli that was also a mini mart. I made sandwiches during the day and stocked beer in the walk in fridge at night. Noah was working for a landscaping company I think. When we were both off work at the same time we’d film surfing. We would film surfing in out of the way places. In nooks and crannies that are often over looked. No matter where we went Noah had signal on his phone and rap music was always playing. I never understood the signal thing.

I think Noah still does landscaping here and there to help pay for trips. I don’t work at that deli anymore, and I miss it.

That being said here’s our project “I Love This Song.”” – Kevin Jansen

Surfer: Noah Wegrich @noahwaggy
Director, Filmer, Editor: Kevin Jansen @robotsfrom
Song: Dirty Beaches- Speedway