Noah “Waggy” Wegrich – A Knight In Wetsuit Armor | Flash Bomb

“Noah “Waggy” Wegrich defines the word stoke. This guy doesn’t know how to have a bad time. When it comes to surfing, Waggy is always on the hunt. Driving up and down the Central Califonia coastline, he’ll find every nook and cranny to launch big airs and pull into wedging barrels. In his own words, he’s “putting on his suit of armor” (wetsuit and booties) and doesn’t mind surfing in cold conditions. And when he feels protected, he pushes his surfing to its highest limits.” – Rip Curl

#Flashbomb #WorldsFastestDryingWetsuit

Film & Edit: Justin Jung

Additional Footage:
Perry Gershkow
Kyle Buthman
Blake Michel
Jon Arman

Music: Broke For Free
Track: “Feel Good Instrumenta” & “Petal”