Dignan Porch

So since we started our page called “The Playlist’, the feed back has been incredible. People have been approaching us and giving us music and playlist on the daily. Since it’s been such a hit, we decided to start featuring some artists entirely along with providing you with pre-mixed playlists.

This weeks artist we like to feature is Dignan Porch. With a surf rocky, psychedelic vibe mixed with a little bit of punk, this band has hit a homerun with their music. I first came across this band which I was endlessly heading deeper and deeper in to the wonderful world of Youtube and I came across a Surf edit done by Sterling Spencer called “Surf Madness“. An epic classic if you haven’t seen that edit.

Anyways, back to Dignan Porch, here’s a few links you can click on to hear more about them and build the same stoke that I had the first time I listened to them. My personal favorite is “Like it was Before” which is from their Album “Deluded – EP (Captured Tracks)”.

Link 1: https://dignanporch.bandcamp.com/

Link 2: http://dignanporch.com/