Surfing the South Island of New Zealand – Winter

The next episode is here! Please share. It is free to watch and is for everyone to view.

“Surfing the South Island of New Zealand – Winter” is produced by Apollonia Productions LLC and Wrestler. Starring Apolla Echino. Cinematography by Conor Lui. Motion design by Fox&Co Design. Filmed over the course of three weeks in June, 2016.

Thank you to Education New Zealand, Ama Balm, Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry and Pacific Horizon Motorhomes for the sponsorship! And SURF2SURF for the guide book! And CURL mag – Women’s surf and lifestyle mag for your support! And to all the great people I met in and out of the water in New Zealand!

{With this third instalment of her series ‘A Woman’s Guide to the World’, Apolla Echino will continue to show how powerful travel can be as a way to gain confidence, push your personal limits, and live a more meaningful life. With her great curiosity as an adventurer and passion for surfing, Apolla is driven to inspire more women to be bold and follow their dreams. With the viewer as her close companion, she will show how by leaving the comforts of home and relationships, and by venturing off the beaten path, you can find your voice, shape your world view, and ultimately, transform your life.}