Q&A with Noah Cohen

Needing little introduction, Noah Cohen can be summed up in to one word: Beauty. We caught up with Noah recently to see how he’s been as of late and what sort of shit he’s been getting himself in to. Here’s what we dug up.

Q: Ok Noah, first off I want to thank you for letting us do this interview. You’ve been pretty busy as of late. Tell us what’s going on in the world of Noah Cohen.

A: no worries. Uhhh well, I really haven’t been overly busy in the last few weeks. Ben Gulliver, Pete Devries and I went to a couple different countries in Europe to film in February. Then I hurt myself at the end of that so yeah, nothing surf wise in the last five weeks or so.

Q: Tell us about “The Sea Wolf Film”. What can we expect?

A: Well, so far we have been to five countries in total I think, all of which we got some really good surf. I still don’t really know what to expect other than Ben is a genius when it comes to creating films and considering what he has done in the past with much less quality to work with, I’d say that it will probably be pretty neat.

Q: You’re nursing a pretty heavy injury at the moment, what happened? How’s the rehab?

A: It’s kind of been a succession of things on the same knee since October. I’ve done a couple trips since then but then just come home and don’t surf here at all. Which has actually been ok since it’s been the worst winter of all time. I pretty much just go to the gym and physio a bunch. I actually see my surgeon for the first time tomorrow, so I’ll have a better idea of what’s going on then.

Q: It must be hard being on the injured train, how do you stay positive and stay focused through the dark times?

A: I have a lot of really good friends down here, so I have plenty of company which is really helpful. When I first found out the severity of what was going on, I noticed that whenever I was alone I’d get these sudden waves of depression, so being out and around other people has really helped to combat that. I’ve also grown to really enjoy being in the gym, and going there twice a day is something that I kind of strangely look forward to every morning when I wake up. Plus, I’ve got Katie Pyne, who’s an athletic therapist that has been working with me down here in Victoria for the past couple years, and she has been so amazing and such a lifesaver.

Q: How is it traveling with Ben, who is extremely talented and of course the legend, Pete Devries?

A: Haha fuck, we have so much fun on those trips. It’s usually just like, us in a little house in the boonies somewhere, no internet, driving around telling stupid jokes and trying to find waves and get clips. They are such simple trips in a way, but they are sick. Ben is so unbelievably hilarious, and Pete is like team captain. I’m usually trying to be as funny as Ben and as helpful as Pete and failing at both.

Q: Ok, so you’ve traveled a lot for surfing, and you’ve probably seen a lot of shit go down; give us a story that’s stuck with you the most!

A: I definitely have one that comes to mind in Brazil, but there is no chance it’s being told on here. Probably some dumb shit in Bali the first couple of times I went there, being a kid and being stupid and drunk, maybe crashing a scooter and then dealing with cops and all that.

Q: Everywhere you’ve gone, what’s your favorite place (Based on food, waves, culture)

A: Almost everywhere has one thing about it that is amazing, it’s pretty rare that you go somewhere and absolutely hate it. I guess I kind of hated Monaco, but it was more because I couldn’t afford to play there. New Zealand is always a place I love going to. It probably is the place that I could actually be able to move to out of all the countries that I have visited.

Q: So you live in Chicktoria, BC (also known as Victoria, BC) now, how’s that going?

A: Ha, it’s great. I honestly don’t know how I spent so many winters in Tofino without going crazy. There is so much to do when there aren’t waves, and then when there are, your days are so consumed that there is never any boredom here.

Q: Favorite part of Victoria?

A: There really are tons of things that I like about it. It’s a beautiful little city; there are tons of hikes and lakes close by, and obviously when the waves are good on the south island it’s tough to beat. I also really like the fact that you can walk out the door every morning and meet someone new, maybe your next best friend, girlfriend, or just someone generally interesting. I think that’s one thing that I began to struggle with in Tofino. I don’t want to sound lame and weird but that’s probably what I like most about being down here.

Q: Worst favorite part of Victoria?

A: Lately there has been a lot of construction so traffic going over the bridge has been a nightmare sometimes. And paying for parking sucks. Compared to an actual city like LA or Vancouver or something it’s not even in the same ballpark, but being from Tofino it kinda took getting used to. And you have to drive at least an hour if you want to go surfing, so that really forces you to become a good forecaster. It’s a long drive to get skunked, that’s for sure.

Q: Tinder must be great down there eh?

A: That’s what they say.

Q: Favorite movie right now?

A: I really don’t watch a lot of movies so I don’t even know. I watch Netflix sometimes though. I like “Suits”. That my favorite series right now.

Q: Favorite song right now?

A: I made a joke the other day about my car stereo only being able to play Taylor Swift. I’ll go with “Style” or “Out of the Woods”.

Q: If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, when and what would you change?

A: There’d probably be a ton of things. High school comes to mind. I’d say overall, I needed to put more effort into whatever I was doing, and be better at being more present. I’m really bad at completely applying myself to one thing at a time unless I really, really like it.

Q: Any goals for this year?

A: Well, going into a period of time where I know that I won’t be surfing much or at all, my goals are all pretty fitness orientated. Initially, I really wanted to get stuff done for the Seawolf project and make sure that my best surfing would be in that film, but yeah, now it’s more like “I want to be able do squats all day, then wake up tomorrow and have my legs feel good so I can do even more tomorrow.” Haha

Q: One last question, if you won $100,000 what would you do with it?

A: I’d probably take a bunch of friends on a crazy trip somewhere, then come home sun burnt and hungover and wish I put a down payment on a house instead.