Ever heard of Sean Foerster? (2015 U-16 Boys Rip Curl Pro Tofino Champion)

Where do you live?
I live in a little town called Samara, Guanacaste Costa Rica!

What’s the surf like down there?
Samara is a beach break protected by reefs and an Island so the beach break is pretty small but the reefs, Islands and all beaches either 15 min S or 15 min N are epic! With the season coming up all the south swells will make all the waves pump!

What’s a day like in Sean Foerster’s life?
A day with me would start off with a surf before light, come back eat an insane breakfast, go to school for a while, work at the surf school and ramp for a little bit then surf all afternoon!

Why did you want to come up and compete in the 2015 Rip Curl Pro Tofino?
I originally came up with Dom Domic. He invited me so that I could qualify for the world juniors that’s in California this September! I’m always looking for more and thought it would be a great opportunity to surf the cold and see a different part of the world!


What did you think of the contest?
The contest was sick! Good set up with a the driftwood and stuff, sick commentators and good vibes! Waves were a little small but was still super fun!

How did you like surfing in a wetsuit and in the cold water? It didn’t really seem to bother you.
Besides my brain freezing and the numb hands and feet, the water wasn’t that bad. Very different from what I’m used to but it was just something new that I had to get used to!

Would you come back and compete again? I mean, you are the defending U-16 Boys Canadian Champ, I guess you kind of have to.
Yes that’s the plan, Tofino is a great place with super nice people. Good food and good waves; so it will definitely be in my schedule!!!

Have you won any other contests?
I was U-12 Costa Rican Champ in 2011 then was U-16 champ in 2014!

What did you think of Tofino?
Girls were awesome!


How about those Canadian girls.
They are very nice! Beautiful, funny and very welcoming. They treated me well!

What did you enjoy the most about coming up to Tofino, BC to compete?
I really just loved the whole vibe of the trip. Flying in through the fog to the little airport, the small town so everybody knows everybody, everybody is nice and waking up to those misty mornings!

What’s your goal for this upcoming year?

Upcoming goals is to do well at worlds! Doing well at Nationals in Costa Rica! Probably start doing Pro Juniors in the states and hopefully coming back up to Tofino for a while next summer to get a sponsor!

Any last words?
Stoked! Thanks for having me!

Photo: Surf the Greats

Photo: Surf the Greats