That Shannon Brown……. So hot right now.

Photo: Adam Chilton (@achilts)



Q: Congrats on becoming the New Head – to – Toe ambassador for Reef Canada Shannon! Anyone you’d like to thank?
A: Thanks brenno! I’m pretty damn stoked with the new hookup, and the chance to go out and represent a rad brand like Reef. I guess the first big thanks has to go to the Reef family in Canada for taking an interest in me. Then a big thank you to the people already supporting me, Long Beach Surf Shop, Adanac Union, Shelter Restaurant and of course Stefan Aftanas at Aftanas Surfboards. I can’t thank Stefan enough for the help he’s given me over the years and the amazing boards he continues to put under my feet. Thanks to my family in Aus for letting me out of the country and my girls family for treating me like family, Westside Surf School for employing me for the last eight years, Tofino for accepting me and of course my girlfriend for saying yes. I’d love to name everyone but it would be a novel. A lot of people have been nice to me so thanks everyone!

Q: Which Reef team member would you want to go on a surf trip with the most?
A: If I could choose a Reef team member to go on a surf trip with me it would be Miss September… oh wait I’m engaged. That was a joke lol. I would love to go on a trip with Kepa Acero. I met him briefly on a surf trip a few years ago and he was such an interesting guy who’s traveled to some crazy remote places and it was so cool to hear him tell his story. He’s also a goofy footer like me so I figure a trip with him would be somewhere way the fuck out there at some mysterious left where we’d just get shacked all day every day.

Q: What does #justpassingthrough mean to you?
A: To me #justpassingthrough means travel/adventure and exploration. For the most part people interpret those words as going somewhere hot with warm crystal blue water. Canada doesn’t fit that mold, but there’s and adventure to be had every day. There’s a lot of coast, forest and nature here if you’re up to explore it. You can see things on a surf trip here you can’t see anywhere else in the world so it’s pretty special.

Video: Adam Chilton (@achilts)

Q: What’s next for Shannon now that you have Reef’s support? (It’s about time you get some recognition from a brand!!)
A: Next up for me now that I have support from Reef is to try to surf, film and shoot more and try to showcase the lifestyle they promote. Keep working hard at developing myself as an elite coach and do what I can to help Canadian surfing grow. There are a lot of talented little grommets starting to pop up so the future looks bright.

Q: Any chance we’ll see you in the next Miss Reef Calendar?
A: We’re in discussions about next year’s Reef Calendar shoot and I think they’re into it. I know I’d look good in a bikini, maybe in a bit more of a sexy Sasquatch kind of way. For those who don’t know I’m a hairy man…

Q: Will @shazzabsurfin be taking over Instagram now?
A: I definitely have to step up my social media game. Get ready to double tap old @shazzabsurfin lol. I’m usually more of an “enjoy the moment with my eyes” kind of guy. Luckily I’ve got some good friends who photograph things so hopefully they’ll let me use some shots.

Q: Coming from Australia and making Canada your home now, how’s the transition been over the years?
A: The transition from Aus to Canada seemed pretty easy. My first years hear I fell in with a great crew. I started in Ukee where an absolute legend named Jeff Clarke took me in for a while. He hooked me up with Sepp Bruhwiler who gave me a job at his Surf School. Sepp and his family looked after me a lot. Something else I’m very thankful for… Sepp and I would surf all day and through him I met Noah and Rycam who became two of my best friends and through all of them I met and made countless friends and been on many shenanigan filled adventures.

Q: Congrats on the engagement! When’s the wedding?
A: Thanks buddy! I’m pretty excited about being engaged. It took me a while, luckily my girlfriend/fiance didn’t get over me and send me packing. We are planning to tie the knot next spring, late April early May. The weather’s been nice the last few April’s so we’re going to take a chance that it will be again.

Film/Edit: Marcus Paladino // Music: Our Window – Noah And The Whale

Q: 5 main attributes you pride yourself with.
A: I try pretty hard to be humble…As a surfer, surf instructor and an elite surf coach I’ve learned to be patient. I’m extremely competitive, probably gets annoying for my friends at times; sorry friends. I’m pretty respectful; I think respect is a two way street so if you want to get any you got to give it. I’m also thirsty, if someone ever needs help finishing a keg I’m happy to lend a hand.

Q: What was your goal for this year’s Rip Curl Pro Tofino?
A: My goal at this year’s Rip Curl Pro Tofino was to have a good time hanging out with everyone. Lots of people come from out of town so it’s always fun just catching up. There were some great surfers in the draws so I was excited to surf this year. I tried hard to win but things didn’t end up going my way. I’m not that upset with the outcome. I was feeling good in the water as of late but couldn’t piece any decent scores together to get me to that Final. The nice thing is, there’s always next year!