The Habitat – Ep. 5

Track 1: Artist: Health / Track: Stonefist

Track 2: Artist: L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae

Filmed by Dan Norkunas & Jon Spenser

Summer time to chill, rest them tired arms. Make plans to head somewhere south, pick up a new sport for a few months while the waves are flat, and contemplate “training” for next winter. Well what if the winter swells hung around a little longer. The southern seas picked up right where the winter shores left off. Is there really week long offseason surf, do hurricanes spin three deep in the Pacific surrounding the islands.

We were supposed to have an off season, excuses to be lazy, and forget about our so called job. Is it really work though, why not stay on this so called grind. Its what we are wired to do. Surfing and filming is fun, so we kept pushing through to give you the latest Habitat. Thanks for not showing up offseason, maybe next year we’ll take you up on that lazy summer.