Stefan Aftanas

“At first the goal was easy: build a few boards for me and some friends. I really never thought about it becoming a commercial endeavour. After 20 boards or so, I thought I was getting pretty good. Around 500, I realized it was going to take years. At about 2000, I understood it was going to take most of a lifetime to truly master.” –

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The Raddysh
The Analog
The Sled
The Sled RT
The Stuhb
The Weapon
The Option
The Even
The Slim Jim

Meet the Team:
Raph Bruhwiler
Shannon “Shazza” Brown
Isaac Raddysh
Kye Peladeau
Janek Peladeau
Michael Darling

Contact Stefan:

1024 Campbell St, Tofino, BC Canada
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Phone: +1 (250)-725-2211

Email him at for all inquiries on board orders & repairs.